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ConsumerJar is an International, consumer-oriented, no-fuss portal for those seeking buying guides on things that matter the most for them.

Our talented team goes above and beyond to do the research for you, following strict guidelines that have been carefully put together to ensure you the best buying advice as possible.

ConsumerJar is 100% independent of brands, manufacturers and fixed locations, making us able to serve you the best knowledge from where it actually originates.

Want to get an insight into the best baby monitors out there? We’ve let actual parents do the research. Want to start working out at home? We’ve got you covered – our fitness enthusiasts carried out the research for you.

We love picking the best products just for you, so you don’t have to waste your money on something you really don’t need.

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A Word From the Founder

Hi, I’m Thomas, and I founded ConsumerJar because I wanted to help consumers pick the products that suit their needs. I also like writing and researching products, which is an added bonus to running a website.

I’ve put together the most awesome team for this website, and they are going above and beyond day after day to give you the best insights to all products covering your daily needs.

To make ConsumerJar stand out as one of the best sources for all your needs, I’m assembling a team of dedicated writers and field experts to enhance the buying guides and make sure we present you with the best knowledge possible.

Dedicated Writers

The team of dedicated writers work independently whenever they want, and as much as they want. They are the backbone of ConsumerJar, and therefore highly appreciated. They have experience in multiple fields, and are pouring their souls into each and every piece of content they research and write on.

Field Experts

While not always necessary, there are some fields that require knowledge from an expert’s point of view. Those are usually related to health-, finance-, pets- and home improvement-related issues, but we’ll make sure to bring in talented field experts whenever we want to leverage content and give you the most valuable advice on the market.

Experts are carefully vetted and will always have direct experience based on multiple years working or studying in their respective fields.