About Us

Don’t you just hate it, when you purchase something that actually doesn’t suit your needs? Or something that turns out to be of such a low quality, that it breaks after just a few months?

On ConsumerJar we want to prevent that from ever happening again by giving you well researched buyer’s guides, and we hand pick all products based on quality, performance, popularity and overall customer experience, and then we sprinkle a generous layer of personal experience on top of all our articles to give you some unique insights you won’t find anywhere else.

ConsumerJar is 100% independent of brands and manufacturers, and we love picking the best products for you.

Making the World a Better Place – Step by Step

We don’t consider ourselves saviors of the World, but we do believe that proper choices make the World a better place at some point.

Whenever you choose a product that actually suits your needs, there’s a better chance it will last longer and you’ll save money while the environment suffers less.

ConsumerJar is our attempt to put a positive footprint on the climate, although it may seem small, it all adds up in the end.

Who Are We?

Hi, I’m Thomas, and I founded ConsumerJar because I wanted to help consumers pick the products that suit their needs. I also like writing and researching products, which is an added bonus to running a website.

Dedicated writers

I also have a team of dedicated writers who got my back, and they work independently whenever they want, and as much as they want. They are the backbone of ConsumerJar, and therefore highly appreciated. They have experience in multiple fields, and are eager to do proper research.


Before submitting a new buyer’s guide to ConsumerJar, it needs to get an expert approval. We have a few experts connected already, and if needed we’ll reach out to new experts in order to have our articles improved. All experts have several years of real field experience, so they possess valuable knowledge of the best products needed in their respective fields.