The Best Compact Burr Coffee Grinder

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Ask any baristas near you, and they’ll confirm it. A burr coffee grinder is a critical component in espresso making. For, it Is a guarantee that your cup of coffee will be clog-free, and coarse or fine the way you want it. But why invest in this grinder when you can buy instant coffee? And, what are your options in picking the best compact burr coffee grinder? Let’s explore further in this quick guide.

Unmasking the Burr Coffee Grinder


Back in the days, coffee grinding was through a simple mortar and pestle. Then, locals used the same millstones that would pound grain into flour to make coffee. Later on, the first use of burr coffee grinders was the Turkish-style grinders. They evolved over the years into portable, and highly-specialized grinders. Now, in 1806, Nicholas Book came up with the first commercial coffee grinder. And as they say, from then on, the rest is history.

How It Works

A burr coffee grinder comprises a receptacle to hold the beans. There is a timer that controls and automates the way the grains feed into the burrs. The coffee beans go through the grinding cycle. The resulting powder fills up a removable receptacle at the bottom of the grinder. Again, the timer will shut off on its own once all the coffee is ready.

Benefits of a Burr Coffee Grinder

  • They Achieve Uniform Grinds

Burr coffee grinders force the beans through the grinding discs. Hence, they achieve consistent grounds each time. This even extraction process is what sets apart the burr coffee grinder from the rest.

  • They Can Handle Large  Volumes of Coffee Beans

These grinders accommodate up to ¾ cups of whole beans in its upper receptacle. Hence, they are ideal for both home and commercial use.

  • Adjusts Quite Easily

A burr coffee grinder brings out the full flavors of the coffee grains. For, you can adjust the machine to achieve the texture you want. Indeed, this freshness is what differentiates pre-ground coffee with the home-ground ones.

Did you know? Compact burr coffee grinders are popular for backpacking, and go very well with a french press – a great way to start each day easily and with as little effort as possible.

Types of Burr Coffee Grinders

  • Manual Burr Grinders

Do you prefer a hands-on experience in grinding your coffee beans? Then you need a manual burr coffee grinder. It is a compact, portable, yet quiet appliance. Hence, it is your best pick when going for camping trips. Also, carry the grinder when going on a business trip quite far from your regular coffee brands. Only use this model if you have enough time to process your coffee by hand. 

  • Electric Burr Grinders

Electric burr grinders are easy to use, delivering ground coffee at record speeds. Yet, they retail in rather big sizes. Plus, they can be quite noisy. Such models prove cumbersome when you carry them with you on a trip. 

Why Not Use A Coffee Blade Grinder Instead?

A coffee blade grinder is the third main type of coffee grinders. It is a small gadget that retails at a bargain price. This coffee processor is quite popular. Hence, you can find it in most retail stores. Yet, these blade grinders do a poor job of grinding the beans. The end result is a mix of fines and boulders in your cup. Some even argue that you can get better results using a Ziploc bag and a pestle to grind the beans.

How to Choose the Best Compact Burr Coffee Grinder

The above in-depth grasp of burr coffee grinders gives you a head start in buying a coffee grinder. Next, is sorting through the market that is full of variations of this gadget. Indeed, they vary from the bare-bone ones to the expert looking options. Hence, the price tag will determine what sort of digital or manual accessories you’ll get. Here are the features to look for when choosing the best of the best burr coffee grinder for your needs: –

Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel Make

A ceramic burr coffee grinder lasts for long. But, due to its delicate nature, it is quite expensive to make. For, any hard foreign particle in the coffee beans can make this grinder to chip. Second, it grinds the beans at colder temperatures. This way, it retains all the oil and coffee flavors. In turn, the resultant coffee is of superior quality. Hence, such mills will retail at a premium price. They are most common in homes.

In contrast, the stainless steel version is available at a bargain price. But it lasts for a shorter period. Second, the frame cannot chip. So, you are sure there won’t be any foreign particles getting ground with the coffee. Next, these grinders are a favorite with restaurants or other higher institutions. Opt for it if you want consistent grounds but are on a strict budget.

Conical vs. Flat Shape

A conical burr grinder produces a mix of small and large consistent particles. These dual sized grounds are perfect for an espresso machine. But, the flat shape option results in uniform, tiny-size particles. Such minute grounds will hinder the water’s free flow when making your coffee in an espresso machine. But, they suit a French press or drip coffee.

Finding the Best Compact Burr Coffee Grinder For Home Use

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Are you starting on home coffee grinding? Then, get hands-on experiences in this tradition using the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. It is a patented ceramic combo burr with at least 15 built-in settings for precise brewing. Besides, the manual coffee grinder uses a hand crank mechanism. This technique absorbs up to 90% of the noise typical with electric coffee burrs. 

The Features

  • Construction: Ceramic Burr with Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Conical
  • Usable Grind Size: Infinite
  • Digital Traits: 18 Digital Settings
  • Hopper Capacity: 40g of Coffee Beans
  • Ideal For: Turkish Brew, Aero press, Espresso, Drip Coffee, French Press                    

What We Like:

  • It is of a robust ceramic make with brushed stainless steel in the burr
  • It makes a consistent brew that retains the coffee’s tastes and flavors
  • Eliminates most noise and bean stativity
  • The 15 adjustable settings versatile grounds of varying textures
  • Its 9.4 ounces size is quite portable. Plus, there are no power cords, wires, or batteries needed

Are you shopping for your first burr coffee grinder? We hope this quick guide serves as an in-depth reference point. For you ought to buy right, the first time.

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