Best Equipment for a Home Gym

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A new year and a new decade is going to unfold soon. Still having that conscious decision of working out and making that huge leap of going fit and healthy? Well, you won’t have to make new excuses because instead of going to the gym and paying that monthly membership fee, why not invest on your own personal equipment and use them in the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to keep up and think about those sweaty “freshly-lifted” dumbbells because now you get to enjoy your personal gym equipment.

People consider working out at home for so many reasons. Some of these may be that they want to save-up that monthly membership fee, they’re too shy to lift and be passionate in their workout in public, it takes too much time going to and fro, or maybe they just can’t handle the pressure they get from working out at the gym.

Quick tip: Warm-up sessions are important, because they increase the blood flow to the muscles and help you improve your strength and performance during your workout. If your space is limited and running outdoors isn’t an option, check out these compact treadmills or try these 17 exercises for indoor warm ups.

So if you’re already decided to start your workout at home, we’ve listed the 4 best equipment to own and use. Consider some of these amazing equipment and focus primarily on the parts you want to improve or tone down.

Chest Up!

If you want to have a toned chest, then the Ueasy Double-Deck 5 Tube Chest Expander Resistance (link to Amazon) trainer is the one to own!

First of all, it’s very portable and easy to carry. It is made of natural latex tube, has high tensile strength, good elasticity and durability. It has an ergonomic double tube design that protects your hair, skin and other body parts from being injured from the clips. It can go up to 3 times its size with stretching.

Strengthen your upper body, open chest, shoulders and back. It is a great alternative for free weights and machines. You’ll never need a big space while using this equipment!


  • It has a 2 level choice. One is a black chest expander that provides a 40 kilogram of tension, suitable for beginners. Another is the gray chest expander that provides 80 kilogram of tension that’s great for regular users.
  • Uses silicone materials.
  • High quality latex chest expander that can be freely adjusted for intensity.
  • It has patent tube covering.
  • It has lengthen handle gaps between the fingers and the equipment.

Instructions on how to open the cover and adjust the tension.

  1. Slap the cover.
  2. Turn to beveled slot.
  3. Pull downwards to take off tube/hose.
  4. Close the cover.

Jelly but Strong

If you want to own a versatile workout equipment that could target different parts of the body, then the Vitos Fitness Multi-Ring Jelly Tube Resistance Band (link to Amazon) is for you!

It’s friendly-looking design and color is not the one to be underestimated as it can be used for different body parts. If you want to work on your shoulders, arms, hands, neck, stomach, legs, feet, joints, lower ligaments then adjust the equipment to ultimately help you in toning these areas. It super convenient to use and very much affordable

It is multifunctional, it can be used for physical therapy, Pilates exercise, Yoga stretching and many other physical activities. It is very ideal also for lower body training and exercise. Easy to pack and store anywhere.


  • It is made of food grade jelly silicone.
  • Jelly-like transparent, environmentally friendly with no strange smell.
  • Allergy free.
  • Safe and slip resistant.

Chest, Arm and Body Trainer

The Vatiz MomZzang Spring Expander (link to Amazon) is the perfect tool for your upper body workout.

The Vatiz MommZzang Spring Expander has a very unique design that functions entirely like a full-on gym equipment/machine. It is great for chest, arm and upper body workout which can be adjusted according to your tension specifications. You can either make your workout easier or more difficult.

It is made up of strong material and covered with rubber for the handles that produces an easy grip while working out. The spring is hidden behind a metal frame, eliminating discomfort and possible injuries. It can be used anytime and anywhere, easy to store and clean up!

Stringbands and Bow

Lastly, we have the overall best performer pick for home gym equipment – The Shinyever Bow! (link to Amazon)

The Shinyever Bow is a must have! It is an overall performer that can be used as a resistance band, weightlifting, upper and lower body training or even a full body workout!

Use this basic equipment for complex body workouts. It is very effective for burning fat and increasing muscle strength. It helps you to achieve overall body coordination, stamina and flexibility while toning up your muscles giving you a fit and healthy shape. Incorporate your workouts with the equipment by using it during your squats, bench presses, curls and rowing and don’t think about getting the band destroyed and pulled off as it is heavy duty resistant and truly high quality.

Use it anytime and anywhere as it is ultra lightweight and easy to pack. So you can use it even when travelling or having that well deserved vacation. Use it at the expense of your own privacy and make it as your ultimate personal full body equipment.


  • 7.5 inch wide by 56.7 inch long bar (can be separated into 2 with 30 inch and 30.7 inch bars respectively).
  • The bar itself weighs only 6 lbs.
  • Safe with no spotter needed.
  • Resistance bands prevent you from using momentum to complete reps.
  • Comes with different band kit resistance levels, 45 lbs, 32 lbs, 20 lbs and 10 lbs.
  • Adjustable resistance levels allow anyone to use.

Guide to Start Your Own Home Gym

We’ve given you the best equipment to use and own at home. Though, it is still up to you if you want to focus on a specific body part and totally enhancing it with the right tool/equipment should be your priority. Always be keen in reading specifications of such products and be mindful of the effects it may bring up. As a friendly tip, always secure your well-being and think of your safety while using these equipment at home. Remember not to overdo it and enjoy your way to a new and fit you!

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