5 Best Robot Vacuums for Pethair

Best Robot Vacuums for Pethair

There is a robot vacuum out there for everyone and to suit various needs. That is mostly for those with pets and don’t want to have to clean up fur and cat litter all the time. These vacuums come at various price ranges, but even with that, it is not always clear what kind of going for. That is why we’re here. In this article, we’re going to look at the best five robot vacuums for pet hair that we have found in the market. You don’t have to opt for what we suggest, but the various specifications will help you determine what specifications to go for.

Quick tips: before setting for a robot vacuum, establish what kind of floor you have. Is your house carpeted, or do you have hardwood floors? There is also the aspect of the battery life, for which if you have a larger home, how you need something with longer run time. The other thing is how you want to control the robot vacuum. Some use apps that require WIFI and others a remote. Lastly, what will determine what you go for is your budget.

Now, let’s get into the top five list.

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What we like: There is quite a lot that Bob here can do. It includes sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, filtrate particles to tackle dirt and gets and also shines a UV light to show where the trash is. The other good thing about this pet hair vacuum is that it understands that shedding happens and that can be sorted in a bit. Another impressive aspect of this robot vacuum is that when the battery runs low, it automatically makes its way back to the charging station.

All you need to know:  Bob Plus has four times boosted TurboLift suction, and that is matched with the massive 1100 ml dustbin that he has. He will vacuum up pet hair and dirt for much longer than other robot vacuums that tend to be smaller. In the market, you’ll find that the bin size for most robot vacuums is 500ml. Bob has an extra-long main brush that covers 11 inches in only a single sweep. It works together with a rotating side brush to clean up any pet hair and dirt. The vacuum works on all floors, including hardwood, rug, carpet, or tile. The attachments come with a full command remote, a blOck Plus where you’re able to customize a cleaning and create two digital barriers, and lastly, a mop attachment made of microfiber that leaves the floors sparkling.

You can know what Bob is up to thanks to the LCD screen that displays the various cleaning modes, the trouble numbers as well as troubleshooting info. While we have discussed all these significant aspects of Bob, the question of how it can navigate the home does come up. Well, it’s able to do that thanks to a network of sensors set the vacuum on the right course and also steers him away from the stairs. Overall, it has a run time of 65 minutes.


  • Charging station
  • Full command control

Denkee DK600 – Thin and Versatile Robot Vacuum

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What we like: This robot cleaner is thin, and that makes it possible to seamlessly clean under furniture. Because of how small it is, you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck under the sofa or the bed. That is what we can say the most significant advantage of this robot vacuum is. It is not often that you’re able to clean dirt from under the sofa or the bed easily.

All you need to know: The Denkee DK600 has a suction of 1500Pa, which translates to easy cleaning up of dust, dog hair, cat litter, nutshells, and the like. The bin capacity comes in at 0.6 liters, which is slightly bigger than what you find in the market. The vacuum runs on a brushless motor, so the noise levels are less than 55dB and thus quieter for the environment. For that reason, you can get some cleaning done even when other members of the household are asleep or when you’re reading or working on something.

The DK600 has a total of 6 cleaning modes. There are four cleaning modes that you find on other vacuums, and then there are two different cleaning modes. These are Max power cleaning mode and time cleaning mode. For the max cleaning mode, what you have to do is press a button, and the suction increases. This mode is ideal when you’re cleaning a thick rug or a blanket. For the timed cleaning mode, you time the robot to clean a room according to your schedule. For example, you can time it to clean before you get back home from work or a jog, you’ll find your home clean.

This robot vacuum will not run into anything thanks to the built-in multi-functional omnidirectional infrared sensors. They archive anti-collision and anti-drop functions and thus protecting the vacuum during the cleaning process. When the battery is low, the vacuum will return to the charging station automatically. In the package that comes with the robot vacuum, you’ll also get four side brush, a remote control, a power adapter, a charging base, foam filter, an extra HEPA filter, a cleaning tool, the warranty card, and an owner’s manual.


  • 1500pa suction
  • Six cleaning modes

Versatile Robot Vacuum from Coredy

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What we like: This vacuum from Coredy makes for a perfect Christmas gift. This vacuum is also a handy companion when it comes to cleaning your home. It does have simpler features than those we have discussed thus far, but the robot is also versatile. One impressive feature to mention among many is the glass top cover on the robot that prevents scratches. You can, therefore, have the robot vacuum looking new for a lot longer.

All you need to know: This robot vacuum has a suction of 1700PA and has two dual edge brushes as well as a rolling brush. That way, it can pick up almost anything, including pet hair and dust. With the suction the robot vacuum has, it can clean hard floors and medium-pile carpet. The battery on this Coredy vacuum is quite impressive, with a working time of up to 120 minutes when it is fully charged. That means you can get 120 square meters, that is, the kitchen, living room, and bedroom cleaned before the robot is due for another charge.

The dust box is the industry standard, which is 550ml. The robot also has a washable HEPA filter. Additionally, the Coredy robot vacuum is also able to self-cleaning, giving you more extended service. There is equally smart navigation, so the robot vacuum can navigate around obstacles so it won’t bump into objects or fall off the stairs. There are four selective cleaning modes for all your vacuuming needs: automatic, spot, max vacuuming, and edge cleaning modes.

You can control the robot vacuum with a remote. You can control the start, stop, customize, and schedule the cleaning of your home whenever you wish. With the Coredy robot vacuum, you get a one-year warranty. It also comes with a wide range of accessories that include four side brushes, one highly efficient filter, the main brush, remote control with 2AAA batteries included and a cleaning brush, an adapter, and lastly, a charging dock.


  • 1700 PA suction
  • 550 ml bin

ILIFE V3s Pro – Very Affordable Robot Helper for Simpler Tasks

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What we like: The ILIFE V3s Pro has technology that promotes tangle-free pet hair cleaning. It focuses on picking up hairs, debris, and dirt on hard floors such as hardwood, laminated, tile, or stone. It also has a low profile design that makes it ideal for cleaning under furniture and beds where dirt is known to hide. The ILIFE V3s Pro also has an impressive run time of 90-100 minutes, where you’ll be able to get most of your cleaning done before it is due for a recharge. As for the suction, it comes to 600pa and a bin capacity of 300ml.

All you need to know: This robot vacuum is self-charging and returns to the docking station when the battery gets low. It is also easy to use; all you need to do is press a mechanical button to activate auto-cleaning, or you can choose from the other cleaning modes, which are auto, edge, and space mode. The low profile design that the V3s has allows it to clean underneath spaces that are more than three inches high, which is the height of the vacuum. This brand does not have a roller brush, and that gives the robot vacuum the freedom to pick up pet hair, fur, dirt, and debris without it tangling and blocking the roller.

As with other vacuums on the list, you can also schedule cleaning with the V3s. That way, you can comfortably get into a daily cleaning routine. You can also get cleaning done right on time before the guest comes as you’re doing other things to get ready for them. That said, three built-in infrared sensors are underneath the robot vacuum that intelligently detect the stairs. That way, you don’t have to worry about is falling off. Additionally, there are ten sets of front infrared sensors that help the robot vacuum to detect, recognize, and avoid obstacles.

Another feature with the V3s is that it has extra-large RoadRover wheels. That way, it can get from a hard floor to a low-pile carpet with ease. It can work its way over door trims for a smooth and thorough cleaning. The maximum climbing height that the robot vacuum has is 10mm.


  • 600 PA suction
  • 300 ml dust bin

Roborock S5 – Combined Vacuum and Mop for Added Functionality

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What we like: Last on the list, we have a powerful Roborock S5 robot vacuum thanks to its exceptional navigating abilities. It uses smart navigation technology to map your house. It is can also plan routes and the schedules as well. The robot vacuum can get under things that are lower than 2cm and clean thoroughly without missing a spot. It can do all that without getting stuck around an obstacle, scratching the furniture, or falling down the stairs. Overall, you get 150 minutes of uninterrupted running time.

All you need to know: The S5 features synchronous sweeping and mopping too. The sweeping system is meant to increase wind utilization. That can draw out all the dust and put in the bin, leaving nothing behind. As for the mopping system, it can prevent hemming. That translates to not leaving any water stains or streaks behind when it is done the cleaning. That way, you’re always getting a thorough cleaning. The suction strength stands at 2000Pa with a climbing height of 2cm

There are multiple modes that you can choose when using the robot vacuum through the WIFI remote. There are the turbo and max mode, balanced, mopping, quiet, and carpet. You can control the various modes as you’re cleaning your home. Because of how long the battery lasts, you’re able to clean a big house and multiple rooms in one go. That includes wooden floors, hard floors, or low-pile carpet, and other types of floors. That said, the brand recommends that you not use the robot vacuum on the dark or long-pile carpet.

A unique feature about the Roborock S5 is that you can use a smart app to control the robot vacuum. You can use it for map saving, scheduling, establishing no-go zones, direction control, spot cleaning, real-time monitoring, and other customization. You can get the app on your iOS or Android, but you can also use Alexa voice control. When you purchase this device, you come away with a 12-month warranty.


  • 2000Pa suction
  • WIFI remote control
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