Drawers for Under the Bed

Bedroom with space for storage underneath the bed
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Not enough room in your bedroom? The lack of space makes organizing things hard, and too much stuff can make you forget where you placed them. But there is an extra space in the bedroom that is commonly ignored. It’s perfect for storage, and right now, you might find dust bunnies currently living there rent-free. You might as well use it for something, right?

Instead of just letting it collect dust, why not use it as extra storage. In this day and age, people are maximizing whatever space they have in the most creative of ways. Living costs will only go one way, and that’s up – so if you feel stuck in a small bedroom and need ideas to optimize storage in a small bedroom, here’s one of the most obvious options described for you. It’s now the time to pay attention to what’s underneath your bed.

Why Drawers?

Drawers are easy to slide in and out of view. It keeps the storing process simple, enabling us to store all kinds of things in it. Organizing can even be considered effortless when you have drawers, and it gets even better if you have dividers ready at hand.

One thing drawers under the bed work great for, is clothes storage for rooms without closets and/or dressers – it’s a really good way to keep your clothes out of sight, while still being able to access it easily.

In Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” she mentioned:
“If you are planning to buy storage units in the future, get a set of drawers instead.”
This is because drawers is a great way to store things in a way that they are still organized and easy to keep track on.

We all have this terrible habit of stacking things on top of each other because we lack proper storage space. Considering that our homes are significantly different than stores, our storage methods should not be the same. We’ll have a much easier time if we can see everything at a glance. And this is where drawers play an important role. No matter how you utilize a drawer, whether it’s underneath the bed or as a stand-alone drawer, you’ll always have a proper overview of everything you have.

Before You Buy or Build…

Here’s a few things worth considering.

Do you already have a Bed Frame?

If you already have a bed frame, you can easily buy under bed drawers online. But if you don’t have a bed frame yet, it is a good idea to consider buying one that already comes with drawers in it. It will be a big hassle out of the way, and you can get some really good looking bed frames that suit your bedroom.

The Novogratz Kelly Bed has a spacious storage compartment built seemlessly into the frame. Its a great way to store anything from clothes to sheets, personal items, books, and much more in a discrete way.

There are bed frames in the market that offers this option. You should check the Novogratz Kelly Bed with Storage or the Realrooms Alden Platform Storage Drawers which has various bed size choices. If you prefer more under bed storage aside from drawers, you should definitely consider the Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed with Drawers.

Have You Considered the Dimensions?

You will need to check the dimensions beneath your own bed first before you get to purchase or create the drawer that works best for you.

QUICK TIP: Bed furniture risers increase storage space
Make use of a bed furniture riser if you want to have more space height under the bed. This is such a popular option, that it has its own category on Amazon. Check out bed risers on Amazon here.

There is no specific bed height that manufacturers must conform to when it comes to the bed frame. Bed height is different for standard, platform, and antique bed types. There is a satisfying size of space that can be enjoyed beneath these types. For sofa beds (western-style futon), the height can be taller than a platform bed, but you can only put one or two drawers beneath if it is in the seating form most of the time.

DID YOU KNOW? Fun fact about the Japanese futon:
The “futon” is a traditional Japanese style of bedding that consists of “shikibuton” (padded mattress), “kakebuton” (quilt), and a “makura” (pillow filled with beans). It is commonly kept in the closet when not in use. When it’s time to sleep, the “futon” is then laid out on the “tatami” mats.

What Kind of Items Are You Planning to Store?

Under bed drawers for guest rooms are excellent places to keep spare pillows and blankets. For a kid’s room, it can serve as extra storage for toys and costumes.

Think carefully about what kind of items you plan to store. Under bed drawers are typically made from wood or plastic. By having a general idea of the things you plan to keep, you will be able to narrow down the material and type of drawer to purchase.

Buying Guide – Best Drawers for Under Bed Storage

The main reason for purchasing under bed drawers is the need for the extra space to store your belongings without the hassle of building one.

LEGO Brick Drawers

Under bed drawers from Lego is a fun and decorative way of storing things in kid’s rooms.

These are ideal for your kid’s room. You can choose between two drawers or one drawer. These two options work well for under bed storage. If there is more vertical space, you can consider stacking the drawers – just like you do with regular Legos!

Another good thing that comes from it is that your kid won’t have to worry about monsters or clowns hiding under their beds…

QUICK TIP: Choose the right Lego drawers
Be careful when buying Lego Drawers. Make sure that the one you’re purchasing for under bed storage is actually the Lego Brick Drawer, and not the Lego Desk Drawer. Lego Desk Drawer is also a useful storage option, but you will find that it is comparably smaller compared to the Lego Brick Drawer – hence you may not be able to take full advantage of the vacant space underneath your bed.

Stackable Drawers

You should consider stackable drawers if your bed frame provides ample vertical space beneath it. IRIS and Sterilite are excellent brand options for stackable under bed drawers.

QUICK TIP: Always take note of drawers dimensions before buying
Take note of the sizes of the drawers before purchasing. The width and length are not necessarily the same, even if you are purchasing the same brand of stackable drawers.

These under bed drawers from IRIS is a great way to utilize the space beneath your bed.

You will find different stackable drawers offered by IRIS, but the ones cited here are their options that were specifically designed to serve as under bed storage. With IRIS, you can choose between two groups of stackable sizes.

19.63” Length x 15.75” Width

The drawer height for this group has three variations:

  • Height: 7”
  • Height: 9”
  • Height: 11.5”

On Amazon they also offer a combo pack of these three different height drawers.

29.13” Length x 17.38” Width

There is only one height available in this stackable group, which is 5.88”. A single drawer is perfect for beds with narrow vertical spaces underneath. The stackable option of this drawer is excellent for keeping your things well-organized.

Sterilite drawers are mainly different when it comes to the frame structure. While IRIS is enclosed on the sides and rear, Sterilite uses a skeletal frame to make the contents of the drawer visible. Their drawers are also made for multiple space usage, meaning it can be used elsewhere besides under bed storage. Here are two groups according to their stackable size.

17” Length x 14.4” Width

There are two height options for these length and width dimensions: 6” and 10.25”.

12.9” Length x 8.9” Width

Sterilite only offers 6” height for this option.

Open Type Drawer

Open type drawers is a good option for items that are frequently used. This type comes with wheels or casters attached to the bottom. Kept things are not hindered by the limited height size of enclosed drawers. If you want to utilize all of the vertical space that is offered beneath your bed, choosing open type drawers can work well for you.

Homz Long Under Bed Wood Storage is a great option for those wanting an open storage drawer with easy access to its contents.

Homz Long Under Bed Wood Storage

This wooden open-type drawer is 34” long, 14.5” wide, and 6” high. It has a divider in the middle providing users with a simple organization method. The front has a chalkboard label that will help remind the kids and adults on which items go to that drawer. This is an enjoyable option for a kid’s room.

Rolling Under Bed Storage Drawer

The dimensions are 20” by 36” by 10”. It is an excellent option to get creative since this product is unfinished, and made from Tulip Poplar hardwood. Also, take note that the bottom is slatted because they didn’t use any plywood.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Under Bed Storage Drawers

If you don’t like the hassle of unfinished drawers, the Max & Lily Under Bed Drawers is an excellent alternative. They are made of New Zealand pinewood with non-toxic VOC finish. The dimensions are 24.5” in length, 37” in width, and 9” in height (the front board is 12” in height).

QUICK TIP: How to organize your drawers
Use drawer organizers or dividers to make sure that everything you put is kept in place. Dividers are better options for under bed drawers compared to organizer boxes. You can check JonyJ and Rapturous for some of the best options, when it comes to organizing the spaces inside your drawers.

Custom-Built Ideas for Under Bed Drawers

If you feel like you are quite good with your hands, then go ahead and build one. The cost can be cheaper, depending on the materials you use. It will take more time and effort to make one but afterwards, you’ll be left feeling proud and accomplished.

QUICK TIP: Save money by repurposing old drawers
You can simply repurpose old drawers if you don’t have enough budget for the materials. Just make sure that the drawers fit well even with the wheels or casters attached to the bottom.

If building stuff is not your thing, then have one custom made to your liking. It will save you the time and trouble of building one yourself while giving you the option of having it created with the perfect size in mind.

The great thing about this option is that you will be able to have it customized according to your needs and preference. It’s entirely up to you on what material you want to be used and how it is designed. You can have sliding drawers to maximize the space beneath your bed or put wheels beneath to make it easier to move around or clean. Or why not even add a secret compartment?

For the finishing touches, you can write, draw, paint on it, or even throw in some stickers and glitters to make it fun for your kids. You can also turn cleaning rooms into a game for your kids with this drawer. Just imagine, you’ll never have to step on a piece of Lego ever again.

There are a lot of open possibilities with this option, the sky is the limit. There are so many ideas being thrown around, mix that with your own, and you can be sure that what comes out is a masterpiece.

There is absolutely no downside in using drawers for under the bed. Whether you buy or build one, it will definitely free up more space. This will make it easier for you and your whole family. Don’t resort to doing the alternative of merely shoving stuff under the bed. Reach out to the obsessive-compulsive in you and start organizing.

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