How to Store Clothes Without a Dresser

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Decluttering your room on a long weekend? Trying to find space for your mountain-sized array of clothes but your dresser is all jam-packed and fully loaded with other sets of clothing? Don’t fret, as we have ideas for you to try and new ways to give you the peace of mind on how to store your clothes without having to buy a new dresser.

We all need to fix our rooms every now and then, trying to make it as clean as possible. Having to maximize your space should not be problem with these simple and innovative ideas! I hope you’ll enjoy the entire process of storing up your clothing! Let’s begin!

Vacuum It Up!

This clever way of storing up clothing is very much easy to do! Even a 5th grader could manage to easily make the job done. No maximum efforts needed for this particular way of storing. It’s fun, efficient, can reduce so much space and can save a whole lot of your time!

Our top product for this pick is the AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags

Here’s how to use the vacuum bags properly:

Step 1. Fold, Fold, Fold

Neatly fold each piece of clothing. Each piece can be placed in individual bags that are brilliantly made to seal out any air space thus making the bag thin and compressed lightly. Make sure that it is folded quite well for the space to be filled out perfectly.

Step 2. Seal It and Vacuum It Up!

Seal the actual bag entirely and with the use of the vacuum, the air left inside are compressed and eventually making the process efficient. After packing, sealing and vacuuming, viola! Your done! Now you can store them up under your drawers, empty cases or just anywhere you feel it maybe safely placed.

Stacking and Stacking

Want to be really organized and innovative in your way of storing? Stack your clothes up while you can easily pull them whenever you want! This one doesn’t need another bag for storage as it is very convenient for space and function!

The HomeMaximize Foldable Storage Bags Organizer is the one to use!

Step 1. Pile and Organize

Place your piece of clothing in each bag. You are ensured that it will be safe and well packed as it is zipped and covered coherently inside each bag. One tip, if you have shirts, short pants, underwear, handkerchiefs and other small piece of clothing, you may roll them individually and align each side by side to produce better organization while creating more space for more clothing!

Step 2. Stack Them All!

When your done packing with each bag, you may now stack them all up and place them on one side. If you want to retrieve the insides of one bag, you may place them directly underneath another one and place the current one on top! With these, you get to optimize and efficiently save up space!

Bonus Step:

If you want to efficiently use this kind of method, you may organize your clothing according to kind, size, or day of use. By labeling each bag you get to have an easy way of accessing each one without having to find where you placed a particular one. You may also hang them specifically to an area you most certainly like by linking them to a rod or piece of hanger. It is also easy to carry as it has handles to secure your transferring and rearranging.

This most certainly will make your room a lot more spacious! Enjoy stacking!

Library of Clothes

Want to make your clothes organized in a peculiar yet unique way? We suggested you place them in a book-shelf typed divider/organizer. This way, your clothes can be easily seen and retrieved. This new way of storing requires less of your effort, by only assembling the organizer and putting it up piece by piece you get to have your own storage space for all of your clothes

The TomCare Cube Storage Closet Organizer is the best one to use!

This one’s a bit playful to assemble as it is very much like creating your own Lego toy but you’ll surely enjoy! Follow the simple instructions carefully and I suggest you assemble it in the area you wish to place it.

Step 1. Assemble!

Follow each step and make sure to prepare the parts needed. The boxes are 12 in total so you can use them all together! The best part here is that you can be creative in assembling, your own imagination is the only limit! You can either assemble them horizantally, vertically or even diagonally (given you have the fit place to place it).

Step 2. Organize

Organize your clothing by kind, size or day of usage. With the given 12 box space you can have limitless sequence of storing. Label each side with the ones you’d like to place.

Tip: You can use a whole column or row for the same kind. Or you can group them by day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) Remember, you use it for the benefit of your liking. Don’t get caught up by having to follow each box correctly, follow your instinct by arranging them unto your liking so you won’t have to reassemble them again and again.

The Final Guide

With each process given it’s still up to you to make your space neat and tidy! Always create a better space for you to unwind and relax, and the only way to achieve it is by having an organized environment. Having a clever way of organizing your stuff inside the bedroom is easy and can ultimately be achieved if you use the right materials and organizers.

Feel free to modify and change the simple steps mentioned above by searching for the better one you want to use. Continue making your space bright and spacious, who knows you’ll have inspiration in arranging your whole house! Enjoy following these steps and one piece of advice: Pull off the best one you can be proud of after all that organizing!

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