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Robot vacuums have changed the way that you clean the home. It requires a press of a button, and the house is cleaned for you. In this article, we’re going to look at the top three best self-emptying robot vacuum we have come across in the market. After, we are going to look at why you should or should not get a self-emptying robot vacuum. Let’s explore.

First Self Emptying Robot Vacuum on the Market

iRobot i7+ self emptying robot vacuum
Editor’s choice

iRobot Roomba i7+

  • Very efficient
  • Durable quality
  • Best app on the market

What we like: iRobot Roomba i7+ is not just one of the best robot vacuums overall, but also the best self emptying robot vacuum on the market.

This smart self-emptying robot vacuum can tell rooms apart so you can control the rooms you want to be cleaned and when. That is thanks to the intelligent imprint mapping that allows the robot to decide the best way to clean every room intelligently. Virtually, it remembers the multiple floor plans of the entire house. Should the battery run out when it is mid-cleaning, it can get back to the charging dock and recharge. After, when the battery is full, it goes back to where it left off the cleaning.

The other impressive aspect, just as the article indicates, is the self-emptying nature of the robot vacuum. There is an automatic dirt disposal system with an allergen lock bag that is capable of holding debris for 60 days. That means you need not worry about vacuuming for months. Overall this vacuum is ideal for homes with pets. The high-efficiency filter and allergen lock-bag trap 99 percent of mold, dust mites, and pollen and end up not escaping back into the air. If you’re allergic to pet hair on various surfaces, you can use this vacuum to create the environment you want.

All you need to know: When you have the Roomba i7+ and the Braava Jet M6 robots, you’ll be impressed by the fact that they can clean in sequence. That is thanks to the imprint link technology where they do the vacuuming and them mopping after. As they say, that makes for a dynamic duo. There is also the Keep Out Zones that you can establish. You do that by creating visual boundaries that focus the robot on cleaning on the areas you want it to and avoiding those you don’t want. An example of one such area is where you keep the pet food or your muddy shoes.

The power-lifting stage cleaning system cleans pet hair and dirt and allergens as well. The power-lifting suction does deliver about ten times air power compared to the Roomba 600 series. That means that it has improved pick-up performance. There is equally a premium three-stage cleaning system that cleans the dust that you see and don’t see as well. So your home is rid of allergens as well, thanks to this robot vacuum. The multi-surface rubber brushes that are unique to this vacuum robot because they do not get tangled with fur. The brushes also flex and adjust when they are in contact with hard floors and carpets.

When it comes to coverage, the other aspect to note about this robot vacuum is that thanks to Patented iAdapt 3.0 technology that has vSLAM navigation, the robot can precisely map the area it is covering per millisecond so that it can accurately clean precious points of each room. Another feature to note is that you ought to make your purchase of the iRobot Roomba i7+ from authorized resellers. That’s because if you don’t, you won’t be covered when it comes to servicing or the warranty.


  • Intelligent room and home mapping system
  • Three-stage cleaning system

Affordable Vac with a Self-Empty Base

Shark IQ self emptying robot vacuum
Best value

Shark IQ Robot R101AE

  • Powerful suction
  • Holds up to 30 days of dust and debris
  • Efficient cleaning pattern

What we like: For one month, you don’t have to worry about vacuuming. That’s because here we have a washable, bagless, and self-emptying base. It can hold up debris and dirt for 30 days. As compared to other Shark robot vacuum, it has an unbeatable suction. It can pick up both small and large debris alike, as well as pet hair on both carpets and hard floors. A feature that works to your advantage is the dual-edge and corner brushers where the angled side brushes dig deep into the corners and edges for complete cleaning. With the features present in this self-emptying robot vacuum, it is best for homes that have pets. The powerful suction is a highly-efficient filter able to catch dust, allergens, and dander.

A feature that impressed us was the fact that this robot vacuum can deliver 50 percent better coverage because it cleans row by row and room by room, all without repeating areas. You can also, through an app, choose the rooms you want to clean immediately, or you can opt for a whole-home cleaning whether or not you’re indoors. When the battery runs out, the robot goes back to the charging station to recharge. After it is done, it goes back to where it last finished cleaning. That gives you consistency even though you’re not home to control the robot.

All you need to know: The Shark IQ has a self-cleaning brushroll. It can remove long hair and pet hair from the brush rolls while it is cleaning. That way, you don’t have to worry about hair wrapped around the brush and making cleaning harder. With regards to cleaning, the Shark IQ robot cleans row by row in each room and then returns to base to empty itself before it goes about continuing the cleaning.

As with most robot vacuums, with this brand, you can schedule cleaning. Additionally, you can target specific areas or rooms thanks to the Shark cleaning app or through the Alexa or Google voice control. For that to happen, the gadget needs to be plugged into a WIFI network. Overall, some rooms need more cleaning than others; for example, the places that your pet tends to dwell in. These rooms do need more cleaning than, let’s say, your bedroom. With that, you’re able to choose which rooms the robot will clean and those it will leave out. That is all possible thanks to the home mapping feature. That way, you’ve assured consistency with each cleaning.


  • Control via Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Intelligent mapping of the home and rooms

Super Advanced Robot with Anything You Need

iRobot Roomba S9+ robot vacuum and charging station

iRobot Roomba S9+

  • Highly advanced model
  • Very powerful suction
  • Works on most floor types

What we like: iRobot regards this as the world’s best robot vacuum. That’s because it empties on its own, has a clean base automatic dirt disposal that is made to hold in dust, dirt, and hair. There is also an anti-allergen system along with an AllergenLock bag that captures as well as traps 99 percent of mold and pollen allergens. There is also a three-stage cleaning system that delivers up to 40 times the suction of the Roomba 600 series. When the robot vacuum gets to carpets, it can increase the suction for deep cleaning.

All you need to know: With this gadget, there are advance sensors that make up the PerfectEdge technology that enhance deep in the corners and along edges. That is made possible by the corner optimizer. The intelligent maps allow the gadget to remember multiple floor plans so that your entire home is evenly cleaned. With the vSLAM navigation technology that is in the robot vacuum, it can gather 230,400 data points per second for overall optimized coverage. At 25 times per second, the enhanced sensors that continuously scan ahead can detect obstacles ahead and thus create a clear cleaning path.

With the iRobot Roomba 9S+, the imprint smart mapping function helps the robot to learn, map, and then to adapt to your home the cleaning layout. You can also choose which rooms and when you want them to get cleaned in order of importance. There is also the Keep Out Zones for this robot vacuum as well, such as where you have a pile of stuff that you don’t want to be touched.

The other feature of this robot vacuum is the 30 percent wider dual rubber brushes that are multi-surfaced that don’t allow pet hair to get tangled. That’s because the brushes adjust and also flex and stay in constant contact with hard floors and brushes, just as with the previous model. You’re able to use the Braava Jet M6 to clean in a sequence where it does the mopping after the S9+ has done the cleaning. You can make the commands to clean your home by using the iRobot HOME App, the Google Assistant, or Alexa.

The box that you get after the purchase contains a one Rooba S9+ Robot Vacuum, a one clean base automatic dirt disposal, two dirt disposal bags, a one-line cord suitable for North American sockets, an extra filter, an extra corner brush as well as a user guide. There’s also a documentation package. That said, you ought to get the iRobot from an authorized reseller on Amazon. That’s because if you don’t, it will not cover claims or get replacements for products. Therefore, ensure that you ensure you get it to form the right people so that you’re covered.


  • Smart mapping function
  • Activated through the app, Google Assistant and Alexa

Are the Self Emptying Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Robot vacuums are autonomous and intelligent. These vacuums have been tested and equipped with motherboards, laser, sensors, and can even navigate through the WIFi network around your home without additional assistance. The thing that makes the self-emptying robot vacuums ideal is because they are simply ejected and empty in the nearest garbage can.

When you are answering if they self-emptying robot vacuum is worth it, the reality is that these gadgets are of a higher price than the traditional vacuum. Not everyone likes to vacuuming, and thus makes it vacuuming such a mundane job. Depending on the size of the house, you’ll be able to save minutes or even hours of cleaning tome weekly. If you’re not keen to do the vacuuming, then it would make sense to purchase the self-emptying robot vacuum.

The good thing about robot vacuums is that they are now as good and even as powerful as regular vacuums. The side brushes, spinning brushes, and filters can do the same cleaning job that makes your house equally clean. The other fantastic thing is that with such a gadget, you’re able to clean underneath tables and couches without your input. For you, that means that you don’t have to rearrange the sofa for when you’re cleaning. Additionally, there’s the fact that the gadgets can map a home, so they know where they are going. The other fantastic thing is that robot vacuums these days tend to be Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice-activated.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Self Emptying Robot Vac

The reality with some of the self-emptying robots in the industry is that they need you to do some prepping. In as much as the robot can do some mapping, one of the truths about it is that it is not always able to get through some of the wires and other obstacles such as toys. On your end, you do have to do a bit of cleaning up so that you can let the robot vacuum do its best job. The truth is that if you don’t do that, you’ll find that there are areas of your home that the robot vacuum has not to be able to.

If you don’t have the budget, you’ll also not be too happy when you have to bring out your heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to get the job done. The reality is that a self-emptying robot vacuum will not be able to get some of the things such as spills and the like. There is also the fact that when the robot does get stuck in a thick rug when you’re not around, it is going to get stuck. There are also instances when the cat litter is spilled over; the brushes of the vacuum are going to end up making more of a mess than cleaning up the problem.

Why You SHOULD Buy a Self Emptying Robot Vac

There is equally an excellent reason to get the self-emptying robot vacuum. That’s because if you don’t have obstacles in your home, then it can do the cleaning it requires. The vacuum robots in the market can clean in a gird fashion instead of a random pattern. That said, they are more efficient and equally more comfortable to clean. Some robots let you specify spots that need additional cleaning and thus choose how many passes to make for thorough cleaning to do.

The other fantastic feature of the robot vacuum is that it can recharge itself when it gets too low battery when cleaning. After, it can go back right where it stopped. There is also the factor that most such vacuums can move from hard floor to the carpet without compromising suction. You should also remember that the robot vacuum is meant to be a gadget that supplements cleaning. The most significant advantage above the typical vacuum cleaner is that you can, this kind of vacuum, you can vacuum your house while you’re away. You can do all that through scheduling.

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